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Intel is being sued by the EU…

intel-vs-amd-pushed-back-to-2010-160x120Big news does not equal big surprises. The EU is back at it again. This time they’ve hit close to home. The European Union has imposed its largest fine ever again a company. This time its Intel. A 1.45 Billion dollars suit has been filed against the computer chip maker over anti trust issues. The EU is saying Intel has made strides to have an unfair advantage over AMD and other chip makers. Bullocks. I say.

The EU claims a lot against Intel. Such as they let computer makers give rebates on their computers with Intel chips so long as they don’t with other chips (mostly AMD). Also that there unethical practices have been going on for well over a decade and they let computer manufacturers buy out the majority of certain chips so they have the exclusive on Intel’s newest chip. So what if Apple bought out most of the Xeon processors. Maybe someone else should have fronted the money first. If this has been going on forever and everyone knew about it how is that anti-trust?

I say its all bullocks and the EU should actual sue over something that matters. People still love the AMD chips which are usual cheaper and I’ve heard work just as good. So I’m not sure what the big deal is. Although Intel did corner the netbook market with its Atom chip, but every computer company has access to the chip. Look at the specs on all the netbooks. There basically the same across the board for every computer manufacturer. I’m on my netbook right now. If Intel didn’t make the chip I would not have bought one. Leopard doesn’t on other processors. Although I mostly just use Linux on it. So I bite my thumb at the EU. Yes I did bite my thumb at thee and scream stop suing for anti-trust issues that are neither anti nor trust. The battle rages on…

Control for the universe continues...

Control for the universe continues...

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Microsoft back in court…

In Brusells Microsoft is back in court fighting to get the case infront of the EU for the anti-trust suite that has come upon them one again. This time its for Explorer 8.

Microsoft is accused of “crushing rivals by bundling its Internet Explorer web browser into its ubiquitous Windows personal computer operating system, giving the program a huge advantage over competitor’s browsers”.

Microsoft lost is case with the EU (European Union) regulators in 2007 which was then 660 million dollars. Plus another 1.2 million in fines and fees. If they lose this case it will be the bggest loss, and fine of any anti-trust case.

I’m pretty sure Microsoft couldn’t give a s&^t. They have made 27 billion dollars since 2001. So I’m sure the retired Bill gates, is shaken in his boot. I’m pretty sure with the money he makes every second, it’ll take his geriatric ass longer to crap than it will for him to right a check for 2 million dollars.

Have these people never heard of Firefox, which Microsoft hates, because its a better browser. Or even Safari. Microsoft could give 2 bits about any apple stuff, except the iPhone which has basically crippled the WinOS mobile operating systems running on phones all over the world. Everyone wants an iPhone. Also weren’t they also sued over this already? I guess if you change the number it doesn’t make it double jeopardy. Now I’m not an advote for anything Microsoft. Except MS-DOS, so I say if they wanna rule the market. Let um. Sometimes you gotta pay to be king.

Picture is worth a 1000 words.

A picture is worth a 1000 words. or 6 words.

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